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Woogloo Team + Woogloo V3 = Awesome!

Having the right tools for the job is important to ensuring the outcome is the best and most professional possible. Woogloo V3 is the right tool. It has been developed by designers for designers. The software boffins we work with have bowed to the will of the architect of the system to ensure designers get an easy-to-use, intuitive platform suited to their needs.

Nevertheless, a great platform still needs to be married to a great design team. Below are a number of examples of the work Woogloo and its Resellers have carried out on the platform. It shows off not just their expertise in website design, but also marketing and branding work.

Woogloo prides itself on having a complete solution for their clients: whether you are a start-up needing a complete branding solution or a corporate wanting a new modern looking website. With over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing, we have a rounded view of the world of marketing - i.e. we did not just get into marketing as a web company. We have worked with thousands of marketing professionals worldwide and our innovative thinking and rounded understanding of marketing has helped many companies leap ahead of their opposition.

However, judge for yourself. The below examples are testimony of our work.






Adashiko produces a high quality range of collagen products and sells them to the New Zealand market.

See more details here:

Branding & Website

When Collagen NZ came to us, they had no branding for their new line of collagen products.

We began by identifying their target market, their 'beliefs' as they related to beauty products and their understanding of Japanese culture, then devised a brand strategy and created a new name - Adashiko - to go with it.

We designed the packaging, marketing collateral and imagery then built their website - complete with a client management system, e-commerce functionality and a voucher system.

In everything we wanted to create a sense of a traditional and ancient Japanese beauty 'remedy' passed down from one generation to another. One that was refined through the understanding of up-to-date scientific methods and manufacturing processes to create the perfect modern day beauty solution.




Nuru palace Hotel

Nuru Palace Hotel is situated in Nakuru, Kenya next to the world reknowned
Lake Naukuru: famous for it Flamingos, wildlife and stunning scenery.

"From our own overseas experiences, we have tried hard to rise to the demands and expectations of our overseas clients.
Our visitors get to enjoy a real life Kenyan hotel, while still enjoying international comfort standards."

See more details here:

Branding & Website

Having built a stunning local Kenyan hotel with an international flavour, Nuru Palace Hotel needed a brand and website to reflect this.

We spent time looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the business and created a brand that wouldn't oversell it, while still showing off it uniqueness and value to the local and international traveller.

The logo plays on the word Nuru: which means Light of the World. It combines that with a stylised image of Lake Nakuru and its most famous feature, Flamingos. It depicts the sun rising over the lake siluetting the head of a Flamingo.

The website plays on the beauty and fame of Lake Nakuru, but also fully displays the features and benefits of Nuru Palace Hotel. The About Us page 'tells the story' of Nuru Palace Hotel - inviting people to 'feel at home'.






Branding & Design

With over 30 years in marketing and advertising, we have the ability to provide your business with a full range of advertising, marketing and branding design services.

Below is a range of our most recent work: including the Crush Pad brand with wine label design, Mardigras Events Hire brand and collateral design, the Quality Fresh Foods brand and label design, Splatter branding and van sign painting design, Bex Communication brand and billboard design, Golden Oil brand and bottle label design as well as a small sample of the logos we have created for various businesses.

Robyn Skeates Office Interiors (

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Wesite Design

We have been designing and building websites since 1996. Woogloo was formed in 1998 after creating and developing one of the world's very first browser based, database backend website content management systems.

We have designed and develop websites for thousands of clients all over the world: both for very small 'one-man' businesses and very large global public companies. We now sell our software and expertise to web designers and developers all over the world. We are sought after for speaking at seminars about website technology: including current and future technology as well as real-world and internet marketing trends.

Therefore, you can be assured you are getting one of the world's leading website design, development and marketing companies to build your web solution if you use Woogloo or one of its licensed resellers.

Below is a small sample of some of our most recent work.

Olives Taupo (

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..and a few more...































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Cannon Hygiene (

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Website News (

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