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The tools to unleash your business

A Woogloo V3 gives you way more than just a website, it gives you a full set of business applications that can unleash the true potential of your business through integration and automation.

Client Realtionship Management (CRM) system.

Automated Billing, Invoice/Statement system, Point of Sale (POS) system and quoting system.

Stock Management system with Soft Warehousing.

Fully integrated Accounting system


The Connect app gives you a full Client Realtionship Management (CRM) system. However, as with everything in Woogloo V3 we give you so much more than just an ordinary CRM system. From the beginning we have dreamed of delievring the promise of the computer - to automate our mundane daily tasks, freeing up our time and increasing our wealth generating opportunities. With Woogloo V3 we have realised that dream.

Connect is the center of a range of tools to enable you to automate your sales and marketing systems, which frees you up to work on your business instead of in it. It is the Water Tank (Business/Database) in the Database Marketing system. It stores client data and gives you the tools to easily manage that data - including import client lists and managing site security group settings.

A range of smart systems and options have been integrated into the Woogloo V3 platform to ensure integrity and security of user data because of the powerful universal Woogloo ID. For example, the ability to add an address for a user, but secure it so it is private and available only to the website that added it.

You will be amazed at how powerful, yet simple the Connect system is.


The Invoice app comes with a range of billing features that are only rivaled by some of the largest corporate billing systems. These include: automated billing (invoices automatically generated, invoices emailed, statements updated, money collected automatically from a credit card); automated variable billing (same as above but amounts being drawn from database queries); online statement and invoices with almost unlimited layup options; Point of Sale (POS) system for manual invoice generation and in retail shops as well as for mobile sales; and credit note and quote generation also via the POS system.

The POS system alone is a great example of Woogloo V3's flexablity. The entire screen can be laid-up any way you want. Product buttons can be added to the screen using drag and drop functionality, styled anyway you want and moved wherever you want. Each part of the User Interface (UI) can be positioned, resized and styled to your hearts desire. This is truely a POS system for the descerning business owner who has a vision for a unique or more functional UI for their business.

In the same way, invoices can be styled and laid-up to suit. No more are you stuck with someone else's vision of how something should look and work.


Good stock management is often hard to find or very expensive to impliment. But not with Woogloo V3. The Stock app has many stunningly simple features that gives you powerful control over your stock management.

It includes a full Soft Warehousing system with unlimited configurable locations (e.g. warehouse > aisle > shelf > bin). Color co-ordinate your warehouse or shop for easier stock location identification.

Integral to the Stock app is the management of a full pricing matrix for each stock item (including: quanity price breaks, user group specific pricing, multiple date ranged specials, etc.). Individual items can be traced and tracked from purchase through to sale and beyond all by unique ID that can be barcoded, which is great for after sales service enquiries.

Stock gives you the control you need over product inventory, management and storage.


Business is about making money and a vital part of that is money management. Completing the suite of business tools is Account, a fully integrated Accounting system.

Account enables you to import in your bank statements and reconcile them. It remembers past transaction matching to accounts, clients and suppliers and automatically reconciles those, leaving you just the few it does not know about.

Sales Tax returns are just one click away. Same with most reports, including the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports, end of year statements, and other primary situation reports. It also comes with rich graphing of your financials to give you an up-to-date overview of your business' performance at a glance.

Account also has a one click report of debtors and creditors for easy overdue account management. Simply press the Reminder button next to their name to send a friendly reminder, or the Warning button to send a stern warning of further action. You can even craft the emails yourself, changing their content to suit your business.

You can take any of the Account Gadgets and put them together with any of the other core system Gadgets to create a Dashboard taylored to your business.



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