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Everything on a Woogloo V3 just looks good.

It is so much easier to be a great designer when the tools you use inspire you to greatness.

Get used to being surprised

From the very beginning, being designers ourselves, we wanted a platform that made it easy to do award winning designs; one that did not limit or restrict us in any way; a blank page with a 'brush' that painted master pieces with one stroke. Our tool needed to be smart and fluid. It is so exciting to now have that tool and to be able to give it to others to use.

Using Woogloo V3 ourselves to design websites has been eye opening and exciting. It has become common place in our office to hear exclamations of "Cool!", "Wow!", "Did you know it could do this?" and "That was easy!". Even though we imagined it many years ago, conceived it in prototype format and then programmed and reprogrammed it over more than 5 years, the proof has been in the pudding - so to say. And we are still getting surprised at how good it really is and by what it can do.

Photoshop like GUI environment

Layering, moving and resizing objects with the drag of a mouse and an undo history of changes are all fundamentals of Photoshop that designers get used to and find hard to do without when they have to switch to web designing - especially when creating a design for a CMS platform, which more often than not has to be done with just code - but not with Woogloo V3!

Woogloo V3 has all these features plus drag and drop, right click context sensitive menus and rich, easy to configure properties for every Gadget. Imagine how easy it is when all you have to do is change a property setting to achieve full cross browser compatible rounded corners, opacity, color gradients, drop shadows, background images and so much more. Well imagine no more, welcome to Woogloo V3.

Lay-up and site design can now be easily and quickly achieved straight in the browser window. Sure you need to still clear-cut images in Photoshop, but then simply drop them onto the page, layer them, move and resize them and then add your other graphics straight on the page within the Woogloo V3 GUI environment: luminescent gradient color bands, semi transparent rounded corner boxes with drop shadows, etc. What is more, much of the graphics on the page designed within the platform is then achieved through fast loading, standards compliant objects written in HTML and CSS with a little JavaScript thrown in a add a bit of extra functionality.

Smart standards compliant Gadgets

The building blocks of the V3 system are smart, fully configurable and programmable Gadgets.

For those used to thinking about code and page structure to ensure cross browser and SEO compatibility, it may be frightening to think of a system that is so fluid. However, you will be surprised by just how structured the page's code is when you right-click to view the source. Even when one Gadget is dropped inside another, the code is rewritten so that the HTML of the child Gadget is inside its parent. All of the Gadget's CSS is combined and added to the page Head tag and the JavaScript is combined and added below the page's main HTML.

Everything is fully cross browser compatible, gracefully degrades and, apart from functions requiring a user to login to the system (e.g. for site editing), works seamlessly without cookies enabled. Google's new Page Load Speed ranking system gives Woogloo V3 pages a score of 95/100 (NOTE: Google's own page gets only 96/100 and most top CMS platforms ranks around 80/100 and below).

So what happens when you want to do something that is not already programmed into an existing Gadget? Easy! You can either create a new one yourself (knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript required); get a quote from Woogloo to build one; or use any independent contractor to create one for you. Woogloo V3 is a fully browser based development environment that anyone with a Woogloo V3 website can access and use.

Paint a master piece in one stroke

At times you want that extra something on a page that gives it a lift: like an outstanding image gallery, a nice sliding panel, a bouncing icon navigation, etc. With Woogloo V3 you simply drag one onto the page, set a few properties to customise it - job done!

Need a new idea? Why not search out jQuery plug-ins and find something cool that you can use. Then grab the JavaScript, CSS and HTML and create you own Gadget - easy as.

So what does this leave you top do? Simply be creative.




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