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Woogloo’s Marketing & Business Consulting Core Values

Woogloo provides extensive marketing and business consulting. Unlike other advertising agencies and consultants, we do not focus on time based charges and a cost plus mentality. Instead we believe that most businesses require training and re-education in basic marketing and business concepts. We work alongside you each step of this training, and always at the pace set by the customer. The process can have short or longer time frames depending factors such as risk aversion and adaptability.

In order to make this process easy and affordable, we simple start by selling a simple website that is the foundation of all our advanced business systems. We then start to introduce these business and marketing concepts to you over time. As you become ready, we sell you more and more advanced tools that enable you to gain greater control over your business. These tools, combined with your new understanding will help to vastly improve productivity – freeing up your time and improving profitability.

Our Database Marketing story and picture form a foundation to what we teach (see here>>).
The primary concepts that we work to communicate are as follows:

  • Get control over your business – i.e. does the business control you or do you control your business?
    • Understand how a business and its marketing systems works
    • Control the cloud – i.e. there is no such thing as seasonal highs & lows or recessions
    • Ensure you have the right business plan: innovate and adapt as required
    • Can’t see the woods for the trees? – Get a consultant!
  • Work on your business, not in your business – i.e. automate and systematise
  • Consistency & Communications: even bad quality products and services succeed with consistency through a systematised approach and good communications – i.e. the McDonald’s story
  • Automate, automate, automate – i.e. reduce costs, increase productivity and get back your free time by getting the right software tools
  • Marketing is about perceptions, not facts – i.e. throw away Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchical Needs and put a rocket in your marketing by putting the emphasis on altering perceptions (beliefs), not conveying facts.

Most people pay lip service only to most, if not all, of these concepts. Their primary belief is that to adopt these concepts into their business will require more time or money than they can afford. We strive to make them quick, cost-effective and easy to adopt into your business. To achieve this we:

  • Demystify
    Strip out the jargon, draw pictures and generally make these concepts easily understandable.
  • Simplify
    Introduce simple to use systems and a step-by-step approach to adopting these concepts into your business.
  • Empower
    Put you in control of your business through easy-to-use software tools and ongoing education.

The ongoing education reinforces the importance of these concepts in your mind so that you get back control of your business and gain back the free time and family time it stole from you. We are all about helping you re-prioritise your business life, putting family first, while still achieving your financial goals.



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