Every journey begins with a single step.

Originally founded in 1998, Woogloo is now used and sold in thirty seven
countries around the world.

It began as a rationalisation of the web development division of our advertising agency. We asked ourselves the question: "Why re-invent the wheel each time we build a new website when they all have exactly the same basic elements and functionality, but just  different designs, content and page lay-ups?" So we created a totally fluid website platform that could easily take any design - no matter how radical - one that could be fully managed by the client - putting the client in control. This became one of the world's very first content management systems (CMS).

In the process of providing a range of built in functions that could deliver the basic database marketing requirements that all good websites should have (e.g. the ability to capture client data and to utilise email marketing to effectively communicate to defined groups of those clients along with e-commerce functionality and the ability to allow different clients to see different pages or pricing data according to pre-defined security levels) we began to see the potential that a more complete web based business system could offer.

Having proven that an online application (now termed Software as a Service) could deliver and automate most of a business' systems at an affordable price, we then endeavoured to build a fully integrated end-to-end business system platform. In 2005 we realised that dream with the addition of the Accounting System plug-in, thus enabling all of a business' functions to be performed by a Woogloo. With this the 'Woogloo' was born - a home for any business to live in, big or small.

Woogloo: a revolution in websites and business systems

Disruptive technology: A new technological innovation
which offers a totally new price-value proposition.

Since its inception in 1998 Woogloo has consistently been the premiere innovators in web based technology. We have lead the market and created a whole new price-value proposition:

  • we were the first company in the world to develop a true Content Management System (CMS) and the first to allow our clients to add pages to their website with a simple click of a button - and we made CMS affordable!
  • we were the first in the world to sell Software As A Service (SAAS) (some 8 years ahead of the term being coined) with a range of business systems sold as plug-ins to the Woogloo platform
  • we were the first company to include a full browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor in a Content Management System
  • the first to enable clients to edit their page design and lay-up through a GUI engine
  • the first Content Management System with its own true database control scripting language
  • the first to bring the cost of SQL Server hosting down to the price of ordinary HTML websites
  • the first to offer clients unlimited pages along with unlimited e-commerce enabled products and images on their website at no extra cost
  • the first to build a network of resellers to on-sell our solution and the first to expand that network through-out the world
  • we were also the first web development company to decentralise their office, setting up our employees as contractors with their own business' and enabling them to work from home based offices anywhere in the world through the creation of highly automated client and accounts management systems
  • and the innovations continue...

Woogloo has changed the way people understand how websites are created, managed and scoped. We have radically changed people's expectations of what functionality they should get for their money and what the ongoing cost of hosting that solution should be. However, as leaders in the very rapid moving market of the internet we have had to constantly battle outdated perceptions. For example: 'low-cost equals low-quality' and 'only organisations with a large number of in-house staff can service large businesses'.

Our lead in this market also means that sometimes the press and the 'web developer community' as a whole are lagging way behind in their perceptions of what is possible or feasible and at what price. For example, so often we hear web developers talk about how much time it takes to design a website – and therefore the amount they have to charge the client. Woogloo has radically changed this dynamic, and even very experienced web developers find it hard to believe how quickly we can create stunning high-quality designs and have them up and live using the Woogloo platform.

The one advantage is that our Disruptive Technology will always be ahead of the game - innovating to keep our clients ahead of their opposition with the best range of features and robust high-end systems at the lowest prices.




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