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Responsive Design - Mobilised Website Design

05:11 Tuesday Mar 18, 2014

by Terrence Bull


V3 now has the capability for responsive website designs that ensure a website design looks like a standard website on a computer and a web app on a mobile device.

This means you no longer need two websites - one for the computer and one for mobile devices. This, of course, means no double handling of content and no loss of functionality for the mobile website/web app.

See: http://www.woogloo.com/mobilised-template for an example of a template (NOTE: this design is a work in progress as we try out new ideas) that has been designed in this way - try it on your computer and on a small screened smartphone - warning, It has only been tested it on an iPhone at this stage.

Some current V3 designs are not well suited to responsive web designs and may need some changes made in order for them to work as a mobilised website - some may even need a whole new web design done.

Contact Woogloo for information and pricing on Mobilising your website.


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