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A range of stunning new websites launched

20:25 Monday Jun 23, 2014

by Terrence Bull

Hotel Winstar's International Quality Chef

This month a range of stunning new websites have been launched on Woogloo V3.

Woogloo and its resellers have been busy creating new websites, complete with photography, copywriting, marketing strategies, brochure designs, etc., and upgrading existing V2 clients to V3.

New International and local businesses have discovered the power of the Woogloo V3 platform combined with world beating marketing from Woogloo and its resellers. Nothing is more powerful than a wel executed marketing campaign backed by powerful software systems designed to automate a client's marketing and sales systems.


A new hotel that has opened in Eldoret, Kenya, has been given a Woogloo makeover: complete with marketing strategy, photography, copywriting, brochure design and much more. Check it out here: http://www.hotelwinstar.co.ke


Another Kenya business - one that is a favorite of Woogloo's Founder and CEO - has also seen the light and moved their website to the Woogloo V3 platform and received a new look and feel (including: photography, copywriting, marketing, etc.) that compliments their truly delicious cakes: See their new website here: http://www.bakerspointkenya.com


A New Zealand business getting the star treatment from Woogloo is Angels Grooming. Moving from V2 to V3, they have had a style makeover that will make their K9 clients jealous. See more here: http://angelsgrooming.co.nz


How do you turn a small rual business into an nationwide success? Give it a Woogloo V3 creative and marketing renovation. See the results here: http://shinemetalpolishers.co.nz


Moving from V2 to V3 has allowed WMBC to remake itself and streamline its operation. See more here: http://wmbc.org.nz

While there were more sites launched this month, we simple don't have room to show you them all. Next month we will preview some more new clients and V2 to V3 makeovers.



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