Why learn HTML?

03:06 Tuesday Aug 9, 2016

by Terrence Bull


Why is it that in today's world magazines dealing with the internet still teach their readers how to write HTML?

Surely with tools such as Woogloo, that enable you to build a very powerful SQL Server-based website complete with Word-like content management, e-commerce functionality, security, photo galleries and much, much more, all for about the price of a basic WYSIWYG HTML editor like FrontPage, the website creation market has reached a similar point that the car production industry arrived at with the introduction of Ford's Model T.

Let me explain by way of an analogy:

Would you want to have to learn how to become a mechanic in order to be able to buy a car? Well of course not! You want to simply drive into a car sales yard, find a car to your liking, buy it and drive away - right?

Learning HTML in order to get a website is much like learning to become a mechanic in order to buy a car.

But let us take this analogy a step further.

Car companies typically spend millions developing a new model of car - one that would sell for only a few tens of thousands of dollars - not the millions it cost to develop. But if you took that same car to a mechanic and asked them to build you a copy - starting without the engine (as a website platform is the engine behind the website) - what would you end up with?

You certainly would not end up with a car that has anywhere near the refinements, safety testing and features of a fairly ordinary production car - and what is more you would be paying 10 to 100 times more than the car would cost straight off the car sales yard!

Every day, companies go to web designers and web developers and buy just that sort of website - a hot rod or custom built website.

For over 5 years now software companies have been building and perfecting website platforms that create solutions similar to the production car. For example, Woogloo has a solution that gives you a powerful business website with tools and features normally only found in websites worth tens of thousands of dollars for only around $500 - including a custom designed look and feel! What is more, they have a range of plug-ins that can turn your website into a fully integrated end-to-end business system - e.g. an Accounting System, a CRM System, a POS System, an Email Marketing system, Stock Manager, Job/Project Management, New Manager, Event Manager, etc, etc... - all fully integrated with your website and e-commerce systems to potentially create a fully automated business management system.

This solution has cost millions to develop over a number of years - so comparing apples to apples it would be like you spending millions to get your website built by 'hot rod' website developers and waiting 6 years for it to be 'perfected' - hence the production car analogy.

In this case, as in many other solutions similar to this, the platform (engine) has been refined over a number of years and the systems are 'tried and true' - creating the best performance, robustness and sales results (in relation to the e-commerce functionality). There is no 'using the client's money' to try out some new ideas that may or may not work.

Yet, the 'world' still feels that we must all start from scratch - or pay someone else to - in order to get a website published. Where is the sense in this?


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