AI could lead to a type of Star Trek utopia

23:53 Thursday Aug 7, 2014

by Terrence Bull

Far from being scary, AI could lead to Utopia

Far from being the dreaded future where computers and Robots to take over many human jobs, we could see Artificial Intelligence (AI) lead to a type of Star Trek utopian future where no one needs to work at all.

As automated business systems (see Active vs Passive Client Relationship Management (CRM) ) get smarter we will see more and more examples of fully automated businesses that create a truly passive income for their owners. There are already examples of this today: Patented Book Writing System Creates, Sells Hundreds Of Thousands Of Books On Amazon . This system does ALL the work - from producing the original work to publishing it and then to marketing and selling it.

Currently, smart systems need to be combined with smart thinking professionals in order to, firstly, recognize an opportunity and then, secondly, to set the system up correctly so that it actually works and produces a viable return. But the day may come when you simply go to a website, chooses the type of company you want to run - selecting from a drop down list of options, seed the business with sufficient capital, then press the GO button and watch the money roll in.

Woogloo is well on the way to making a system that creates this sort of possibility. We are already building systems for ourselves and our clients that create passive income by automating much of the marketing and sales systems. Based on the Database Marketing business model, building automates businesses becomes easy.

I have even gone so far as to create a free eBook that explains all the principles behind what we do, with lots of simple illustrations, so others can learn the 'how-tos' behind our success, steal our ideas and create their own automated systems. Of course, alternatively, you can save yourself millions of dollars in development costs and over 18 years of perfecting these systems and just piggy back on what we have already built, but the choice is yours.

And that is the key - choice! Do you currently have the freedom to choose how you spend your time? Or are you simply a slave to your business, having no time to be with your family enjoying life?

Everyone gets into business to get two things: more free time and more money. But almost all business people end up with less free time and theirs and their family's life savings sunk into their ever hungry business. Sadly, many company owners end up gaining a slave master (their business) and loosing their family.

You need to ask yourself the question: "Do you run your business, or does your business run you?"

If the answer is that your business runs you, then you need to discover the freedom behind automated systems. The world needs to stop fearing AI and embrace a future that frees people up from the tyranny of work and business management to one of abundance and the freedom to choose what you do with your free time.

Hopefully most people who gain this sort of freedom will choose to get involved in some sort of humanitarian work or research that will better the world and spend more time with their family - raising a healthier and happier next generation to lead us forward.


Terrence Bull practices what he preaches - he is the Founder and CEO of a global software and marketing company and yet has enough time to live in Kenya with his family doing humanitarian work.


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