Mobile Compatible vs Mobilised Website

23:14 Thursday Mar 27, 2014

by Terrence Bull


Understanding today's mobile website terminology can make a huge difference in understand and budget.

Most modern websites are Mobile Compatible. In fact, if a website can be viewed in a modern browser, then it will most likely look almost exactly the same in a mobile smartphone device. This is because smartphones now have browsers that act almost exactly the same as a PC's or Laptop's browser. Only the worst sort of coding or website design would break this - which includes using Adobe Flash technology.

However, what if you specifically want to target the mobile device user? Is this good enough to 'get you by'? The answer is not always.

Even though your website may look great on a mobile device - i.e. the same as it does on your ordinary computer - this may not be enough for your customers wanting to use your website from their mobile device.

Mobile users are task-focused users. That is, they quickly want to get an outcome from your website without pinching or zooming and dragging the screen around to access information or functionality. They also want to navigate to the page they are looking for quickly without using the normal desktop style of page menuing. They especially want to be able to read text and view images without having to zoom in or scroll around the page. This means you need a Mobilised website - not simply one that is Mobile Compatible.

There are a number of options for Mobilising your website: from using Responsive design to creating a whole new website just for mobile devices.

Creating a whole new website normally means that when you update one website, you have to update the other. Also, unless they both draw their data from the same database, any functionality (e.g. e-commerce) would need database syncing and integration (i.e. think very expensive).

A Responsive website design, while initially being harder to implement well, on the other hand gives you the best of both worlds all from one website. Your website will look like an ordinary website on the desktop computer, but like a mobile application on a smartphone.

Mobilised Website Mobile Compatible Website

Mobilised websites can loose some of the zing in favour of functionality and easy-of-use, so it may be considered less desirable for those primarily wanting simply a website that provides branding for their company. However, do consider that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. That is, no one is going to be impressed with your brand until they want what you have - which must be conveyed through easy-to-find information and easy-to-use functionality.

So be careful not to buy into spam emails from companies trying to sell you a mobile compatible website, and claiming that yours is not - every Woogloo website V2 or V3 is Mobile Compatible. What is more, if you have upgraded to V3, we can Mobilise your website as well. Unfortunately, as this does require a lot of extra work and is not a standard feature of any website or Content Management System (CMS), there is an extra cost involved.

Contact Woogloo for more information about how we can Mobilise your website - or upgrade you to V3.



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